Hidden Administrator - Program for remote administration of computers


Version 4.1 (build 777)

Version 4.0 (build 711)

Version 3.1 (build 664)

Version 3.0 (build 652)



Version 4.1 (2,0 Mb)

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Program screenshots

Hidden Administrator: Main window

Main window

Hidden Administrator: Server window

Server window

   This multi-purpose software for remote desktop management and administration allows manipulating remote computers in just about any manner you'd like to. That includes exchanging files between the computers, administrating the remote registry, transmitting the sound over network, etc. The software is simple to install and configure and easy to use.
   The next few images demonstrate the capabilities of the software for remote desktop administration.

Controlling the remote computer

The "Messages / Chat" section

Hidden Administrator: Selecting the section

Remote screen

Hidden Administrator: Remote screen

Multi-Screen mode

Hidden Administrator: Multi-Screen mode

File manager

Hidden Administrator: File manager

Remote Console

Hidden Administrator: Remote Console

Automatically termination applications and processes

Hidden Administrator: Automatically termination applications and processes

Registry Editor

Hidden Administrator: Registry Editor



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