Hidden Administrator - Program for remote administration of computers


Version 4.1 (build 777)

Version 4.0 (build 711)

Version 3.1 (build 664)

Version 3.0 (build 652)



Version 4.1 (2,0 Mb)

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Ordering Hidden Administrator

There are two ways to license the program:
1. License for commercial organizations (for a fee).
2. Free license for private home use.

1. License for commercial organizations for a fee

   Hidden Administrator, the software for remote assistance, is distributed on a try-before-you-buy basis. You can download and evaluate it absolutely free. The evaluation version of the remote assistance software will only work during the trial period (30 days). If you like the program and decide to keep it, you will need to purchase a registration key. The evaluation version turns into fully-operational software for remote assistance when you enter the registration key.

Pricing policy
   The cost of the program depends on the number of computers you are going to control remotely.

License (computers) Price (USD)
per computer
2-5 22-00 Buy now ...
6-10 20-00
11-25 18-00
26-50 15-00
51-100 13-00
101-150 11-00
151-200 10-00
201-250 19-00
251-500 8-00
501-750 7-00
751-1000 6-00
1001 and more 5-00


All Major Credit Cards Accepted




Diners Club

American Express




Licensing and sales policy
   1. One license allows running the remote assistance software on one computer (client side, server side, or both simultaneously).
   2. You can purchase at least 2 licenses.
   3. It is allowed to move the licensed software to another computer only if the previous computer is discarded.
   4. Publication, distribution or unauthorized sale of registration information or some part of it terminates the license.
   5. All software updates are free of charge within the version (e.g. when updating from version 3.1 to 3.2). But the update to the next generation (e.g. from version 3.x to 4.x) may be not free of charge.

   You can order the fully licensed version of Hidden Administrator, the software for remote assistance, at the Plimus registration service (www.plimus.com) at any time over the Internet with any major credit card, bank/wire transfer, PayPal, check or cash. After you purchased a license, you will receive your personal registration code and the latest version of Hidden Administrator.

   The registration key to your copy of our remote assistance software will be sent to you within 48 hours after a payment notification is received.
   After you register the program, you will receive a registration code by e-mail. You will find how to register the program in the message with the key.

2. Free license for private home use

   If the program is intended for private home use only, it is possible to use it for free without any limitations except for the number of available connections to the server. There are not more than 10 of them in the free version.

   To get a free license key, run the Hidden Administrator client. Then select "Help" -> "Registration..." on the main menu. Specify your name and select the "Free license for personal, non-commercial use" option. Enter your contact e-mail address in the new dialog box and confirm registration by clicking the "OK" button.


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