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Hidden Administrator

Hidden Administrator   How often did your friends ask you to help them with their computers because they were not god enough at using a PC? How many hours have you spent configuring their software by phone, telling them what and how to do? How much time you think you could have saved if you had remote access to computers of your friends and could see their desktop as clearly as yours? As a boss of your own business, how much money you could have saved with remote access to computers of your employees, seeing what they were busy with during their office hours – their jobs, downloading movies from the Internet or chatting? As a teacher at a computer class, having remote access to computers of your students, you could instantly correct their unwanted activities.

   Remote control software is the solution to these and many similar problems. Remote control software is an instant access to any computer from anywhere. Hidden Administrator will help you control (administrate) and monitor remote computers under Windows NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista/7.

   This remote software is easy to learn and use. It has a convenient and intuitive interface, so even an unskilled user can learn how to use it quickly.
Download version 4.1
Download version 4.1
Download version 3.1
Download version 3.1

Hidden Administrator Features


  Key Features

Full access to the remote computer from anywhere in the world.
Displaying the remote PC desktop in real time (remote desktop sharing).
Controlling the remote desktop with the keyboard and mouse.
Monitoring several computers simultaneously (up to 256 computers).
Compatibility with Windows 7, Vista and Windows XP multiple user sessions, as well as support for terminal sessions.
File exchange, Drag & Drop support (File Manager).
Remote access in the command prompt mode (similar to the system utility "CMD").
Automatically searching for running servers (searching for computers to connect to).
Watching video on the remote computer (intercepting overlay video).
Transferring sound over the network in real time.
Installing the server of the program remotely.
Monitoring running applications, visited sites, printed documents and USB drive activity.
Switching computers on remotely (Wake on LAN).
Exchanging messages with the user (Chat).
Multilingual support.
High performance rate and minimum traffic usage over the LAN and Internet.



Saving the image from the remote desktop to a video file (the AVI format).
Saving remote desktop screenshots.
Getting information from the fullscreen MS-DOS window.
Switching off and restarting the remote PC.
Full control over the registry.
Getting and sending the contents of the clipboard.
Closing any application on the remote computer.
Automatically closing applications and ending processes.
Hiding / showing the taskbar, desktop icons, mouse cursor, minimizing / hiding / restoring windows, etc.
Sharing remote folders and remote desktop sharing.
Sending single messages to the user.
Getting information about the system.
Printing documents remotely.



Encrypting transferred data.
Filtering IP addresses.
Protecting the connection with a password.
Restricting rights to access the remote computer.
Setting a password for changing the server settings.



Free technical support.
Online user manual.
E-mail support.

Ways to use Hidden Administrator


First of all, it is a great solution for system administrators of large companies allowing them to administrate office computers without leaving their workplaces and effectively use their office hours.

Remote work with the office computer – secure access to applications and files on your office computer without leaving your home.

Access to the home computer from the office or while on a trip.

Technical support service – remote technical support for your customers (without the personal presence of a system administrator).

Distance education – for using in computer classes: both for monitoring the students' activities and for showing the teacher's actions on the students' screens (there are discounts for educational institutions).

Online presentations – allowing other users to access your desktop for online demos.


Hidden Administrator – making administration easy!



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